How To Properly Care For Your Yoga Mat

Ever settle into downward dog pose and breathe in a stench that is just unbearable? Unfortunately, that's your mat screaming for a bath. Ritually cleaning your mat is a must to avoid dirt, and oil buildup. Whether or not you break a sweat each time eventually, bacteria build up will lead to odor. But not to worry my tips on how to keep your mat fresher than Febreze. 

I recommend a weekly sanitation scrub on top of the usual post workout wipe down. For post workouts, yoga mat wipes are the easiest and time efficient. Be sure only to use wipes specially formulated for yoga mats because they have essential oils to keep away sticky residue. 

If you have a mat made from natural tree rubber, I suggest a homemade natural cleaner. This little DIY ( Do-it-yourself) solution consists of half a cup water mixed with another half cup of distilled white vinegar. Also, add a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil to create a pleasant aroma for yourself. Feel free to customize your scent with any essential oil that floats your boat. Make sure not to add any soap it may contain harsh chemicals that could ruin or discolor your mat. And of course, use a sponge to scrub that stinky little mat of yours.

Let the mat air dry and do not let it cook in the sun. Heavy sun exposure can dry your mat out and leave it rough and flakey. And word from the wise avoid machine washing your mat. Eventually, it will begin to deteriorate. With the proper TLC, your mat will last you a lifetime. 


*Make sure that if a yoga studio hands you a smelly mat you give it back and tell them to refer their manager to this article! 

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