Is There Life After Black ?

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Slimming and chic everyone looks great in black. It has become our generations go to whenever facing a wardrobe dilemma and is the preferred color for almost every occasion. Black always has your back. Although, how many black tops and leggings are acceptable until your style becomes predictable? There are only so many styles one can own in black until it gets repetitive. We were given color for a reason, and often we fail to utilize the other tones in the color spectrum. Black does not have to be the ruler of your closet, I am here to let you know there is life beyond black. Neutral tones can have the same slimming effects of black and also add a splash of color back into your predictable wardrobe. It can be fun every now and then to throw people off and rock different colors they never expected. Here are 3 different shades of colored leggings that can give the same effects of black


1.)  Playful Grey

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 A few hairs off from black it is the perfect combination of white and black that is still dark enough to shade any unwanted attention areas, while yet adding a subtle hint of white pigment to the basic black. Grey also has the same friendly ability as black to get along with all the colors of the rainbow. 


2.) Lean Green

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Army Green once a seasonal color that earned its popularity only a few runways ago has become one of highest demanded colors in fashion. Blessed with its unique ability to compliment a variety of colors, it is a tone we will continue to see year round. And is one of the best colors to use in substitute of black.


3.) Blissful Burgundy  

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Classy and sassy everyone loves a rich burgundy. Known as a sexy, majestic color associated with fall and holiday it is a wonderful tone that brings a splash of elegance to any classic outfit. It is a fabulous color to wear without asking for too much attention.

You can go black and still go back. Don't limit your wardrobe to one color; there's more to life than only owning black leggings. Don't be afraid to live life in color. 


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