The Most Form Flattering Leggings You Must Have and Can Afford Easily

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Leggings genuinely are a girl's best friend…when they fit right. Leggings are known to be comfortable, but not always as flattering as thought. Truth be told there are specific legging styles that compliment shapes better than others. Just like jeans leggings can define and accentuate your figure, so it is vital to discover what style best compliments your body type. Finding the right pair that highlights your assets can be tough. Well, not anymore. Here are 4 best leggings that are most flattering for every different body type.


Petite: For all my petite girls out there 5’2 and below, a slim-fit crop will enhance your legs definition and hit just above the ankles and help avoid excess fabric baggage at the bottom. We suggest our crop Lacey Legging, it is the ideal length for your tiny frame. 


Lacey Legging $42 


Tall: Those lovely legged ladies 5’6 and above pick a longer cut with a mid-rise waist it will help to bring focus to more than just your legs. We suggest our Mesh-Pipe Legging, for those long lean legs. 

Mesh- Pipe Legging $48


Curvy: Cute and curvy never fear there is a legging just for you! If you have a fuller figure and a more top-heavy shape, we suggest a high waist compression legging. They are great for hugging and holding you in all the right places and have unbelievable sculpting effects. We suggest our Rouged Legging, essential for form-flattering effects. 

Rouged Legging $34


Athletic: Strong athletic build go seamless! If you have a more toned shape seamless is fantastic for bringing attention to your muscle definition. We suggest our Fadin' Legging to promote your assets. 

Fadin' Legging $20

No matter your size or shape there is a legging out there for you! Leggings were made for everyone and accept you just the way you are. Finding the right fit can be frustrating but when found it's like hitting the jackpot. Are you ready to win?


Check out our Pinterest page here to find more inspiring moments from the #TRENDSEEKERS

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