Why Having Less Daily Distractions Can Improve Your Overall Health

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Time is what we want most, but… we use worst.” Oh William Penn, you are reading my mind! Time is the most valuable and expensive resource, we don't even realize. Creating better time management skills helps pave the way for success and understanding of how to make every day count. With a little less procrastination and more self-discipline, a less stressful and healthier life is obtainable. 

Being more productive is mentally stimulating and leaves less room for self-destructive thoughts. In being more productive plan ahead for whatever possible.

Tips Tips Tips:

1. Pack your gym bag ahead of time, so after work or school, you can directly go work out. When packing throw in a matching two-piece set to save time and have a full outfit from head to toe. My go to is my favorite is the Mesh Pipe Legging. In this set I know I look good, in and out of the gym. If finding an outfit for the day always delays your mornings, pick out your outfit the night before. 

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2. Throw Away Distractions: Rid yourself of any distractions. Put your phone away and avoid checking social media during the day. Turn your tv or music off if it means getting the task done more efficiently and faster. Learning to limit your amount of distractions and time you spend looking at a LED screen will only substantially benefit you. It’s tough to live a day free of distractions with our smartphones always in hand, but your snaps can wait to be opened, and your group chat will go on without you. This way you don't have to wait to respond to try and look busy you can truly be busy. 


3. Sleep more and stress less. Keeping an adequate sleep cycle leads to numerous health benefits that can increase daily productivity. More sleep improves memory, cures inflammation and may even help you live longer. If attempting to memorize something, allow yourself a proper 8-hour sleep cycle, so your brain can go through its consolidation process that strengthens memories. Sleep is natural and necessary, be sure to let nature run its course on you. Stretch before you sleep, it will help your body and your mind relax. 

Remember to try these simple tips to improve your overall health and ensure a happy life balance! We can all benefit from a little change once and awhile. 

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